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queerspawn's Journal

Queer Spawn!
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We are the Children of LGBT Parents, and we are PROUD.
Did you just find out your parent(s) is/are gay/bi/transgendered? Need someone to talk to who actually understands where you are coming from? Have known about your parents for years? ....Then this is your place-- this is your Haven!

To protect the privacy of members, and to discourage illmannered posts, this is a moderated community. When you join, I will have to approve it to make sure it is not someone trying to cause problems. Posts will ALSO be moderated until I feel that we are okay enough for unmoderated ones.

Please post this little survey so we (the moderators/members) can get to know you!

How long have you known about your parent(s)?
Anything else you would like to add?

Advertise the community:

Please, for more information, visit COLAGE -- The official website for Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere. I, _____flutter, am the local Va coordinator so if anyone in the area needs to get in touch with me to meet and talk please get in touch with me!

Marriage is love.

*Queer Spawn is from a shirt I saw awhile ago, I hope no one has a problem with the title*