Siani (siani) wrote in queerspawn,

Hi all!

Name:Siani, (or Sian, or Sianed)


State/Country: Michigan, US

How long have you known about your parent(s)? Well, my mom came out when I was 4, and met her partner, my other mom when I was 5, so pretty much I have grown up my entire life in the gay community. I think I must be one of the oldest kids who has actually been raised in the community, rather than having a parent come out when they were older, since the "gaybee boom" didn't really get moving till the 90s. All the kids of gay parents I personally know are under the age of 15, so it is cool to see some older folks in here.

Anything else you would like to add? Well, I have really run the emotional gamut of being a queer kid- not understanding the difference, thinking it was sweet, being embarrassed to be different, getting over it and thinking it was sweet again- not to mention the interesting process of finding my place in the community as an adult, and (mostly) straight woman. I like to think of myself as "culturally queer" now. So anyway, all that being said, if anyone wants somebody to talk to about being a kid of queer parents, or having a kid as gay parent, please, feel free to IM me or email me. Not to sound all pompous or anything, IM me or email me just to chat too! ^_^
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